Stephen Thomas - Salcombe ArtI cannot recall a time when I didn’t draw. I must have been very young, as I remember crayoning and enjoying creating new images on paper strewn across the kitchen table.


A kingfisher spotted while on holiday near Totnes was one of my earliest inspirations, and a gift of coloured pencils in the 1950s provided more fun for me than the humble HB pencil. Later, like the rest of my generation, the illustrations by Frank Hampson in the Eagle comic inspired me into interplanetary doodling.


At the Royal Masonic School for Boys, my favourite subject was Art. However, once my schooldays were over, opportunities to draw or paint were limited to evening classes. Art had to take third place after family commitments and my passion for dinghy sailing. Then, after a lifetime of family and business pressures, my retirement in  2000 at last gave me time to draw and paint!


I spent the next seven years ‘going back to the drawing board’ and attending Adult Education Classes in Surrey, covering much of what might be included in a Foundation Art course: portraiture, still life and life drawing.


A frequent visitor to the South Hams since the age of nine, I moved permanently to Salcombe in 2007, setting up my own gallery at Beacon House in 2013.


A member of both the Kingsbridge and South Hams Art Club (KASHAC) and Salcombe Art Club, I have attended many local workshops and learnt much from studying the work of local artists. I thank them for their encouragement and my wife, Anne, for locking me in my Studio for hours at a time.


Many of my paintings are based on my extensive collection of personal photographs of the visual delights of the South West, in particular Salcombe. These views are infinite in their variety, enhanced as they are by the seasons and whatever the weather delivers!


I hope you enjoy what you see on this website. If you would like to purchase a print, some cards or an original, please contact me. Simply click on the Contacts tab and send me an email.