SNAP! Mist at Calstock Viaduct

Inevitably, in the winter time, poor weather forces me to delve into my stock of inspirational photographs and I usually restrict myself to my own snaps. Not so, in the case of Mist at Calstock Viaduct.

During one of our regular catch-ups over lunch, a dear friend (who will remain nameless!) related a story of a boat expedition on the Tamar and drew my attention to the beautiful sight which he and his wife had witnessed – and photographed: a superb misty dawn while they moored up alongside Calstock Viaduct.

I loved the image and, with my friend’s permission, I took the opportunity of interpreting the scene.

Painting a watercolour of the Mist at Calstock Viaduct – and capturing the atmosphere – was hard work. Not one to give up, and since I enjoy the challenge of putting aside say watercolour or oil and, instead, seeing how acrylics respond to an image, I produced another artwork and was much happier with the acrylic version of this wonderful structure.

For the joy of painting this image, I have both my photographer friend to thank, and Brunel the engineer, who designed the viaduct.