SOLD! Ebb Tide at Batson Creek

It’s a delight to support local good causes and charities.

As a member of Salcombe Yacht Club, this year, during Merlin Rocket week, Anne and I spent nine days in The Chart Room at the yacht club, welcoming the Merlin sailors and their families, and exhibiting my original works, limited edition prints, and fine art greetings cards.

The weather was too hot for me to paint, but I enjoyed watching the sailing, photographing the Merlins and talking with lots of art lovers, while Anne ‘manned the shop’.


SOLD! Ebb Tide at Batson Creek

Ebb Tide at Batson CreekAs well as over 100 cards, I sold a painting, which swelled the donation to the Salcombe Yacht Club.

While I am happy when any painting sells, I’m especially so when I meet the purchaser and know it’s going to a good home.

A purchaser is a local person, someone I will see often, and I’m sure he’ll enjoy his purchase.

My paintings grace many a wall in Salcombe, and elsewhere.

See if you can spot one of my originals next time you go visiting?


Which cards were the most popoular?

I had painted two more Merlin compositions especially for Merlin Rocket week, and used them for new card designs, bringing the number of cards featuring Merlins to three: Merlins, Merlins Crossing the Bar, and Watching the Merlins Race.

Merlin cards for sale of Ebb Tide at Batson Creek

All three sold well, but they were pipped by two other designs: Salcombe Estuary Trots and Dappled Light I, a watercolour which is now sold but very much like the still-available oil painting Dappled Light III.

Salcombe Estuary Trots for sale of Ebb Tide at Batson Creek

Salcombe Estuary Trots

Local artist, supporting local causes

This year so far, I’ve made donations to The Friends of the Redfern and Salcombe Yacht Club. If you would like me to support your good cause, contact me.

Anne and I are happy to attend events and we have specific cards being sold through charities, such as Salcombe Regatta and Hope Cove Lifeboat.

Batson views

In my one-man show in the Little Studio of the Loft Gallery, three images of Batson will be on display.

094 Ebb tide at Batson72dpiResizedAs you walk the short distance from Salcombe to Batson, you’ll see the view that inspired me to try to capture this idyllic setting.  Ebb Tide at Batson Creek leaves moored craft on the mud bathed in warm sunlight near an old boat house sheltered by trees. Isn’t it beautiful?

096 Reflections at Batson72dpiRESIZEDSquareAt the top of Batson Creek, a collection of thatched cottages delight the eye. They sit around a triangle of grass complete with its old-fashioned telephone box. (At least, the phone box was there, the last time I visited!) The reflections of these cottages in the water only serve to enhance the tranquility of the scene, and this inspired me to paint Reflections at Batson.

If you continue to walk, up and around to the right, towards Snapes Manor, you’ll discover a small beach. Dappled Light III (the featured image far above) shows a stranded boat under the shadow of trees waiting for another tide while the sunlight leaks through the canopy above, creating dappled patterns on both the beach and the boat.

I produced three versions of Dappled Light: a watercolour, an acrylic and this one in oil. Each presented different challenges. The other two are sold already, although Dappled Light I is available as a fine art greetings card, as are Reflections at Batson, and Ebb Tide at Batson Creek.

If you visit the show, and like these paintings but can’t afford the originals, the cards are on sale nearby: at Bonningtons, the newsagents, and at the Salcombe Information Centre, and elsewhere too.


When is the show?

My week at the Little Studio in the Loft Gallery is from Sunday 29 May until Saturday 4 June. The Loft Gallery, the home of Salcombe Art Club, is open from 11am until 5pm each day.


Where is the Loft Gallery?

The Loft Gallery is situated behind the Fortescue Inn, and above a popular shoe shop, on a delightful footpath called Victoria Quay, which overlooks one of the best views in the UK including the mooring berth of the RNLI lifeboat Baltic Exchange III.


When will I be there to greet you?

I will be stewarding at the Loft Gallery all day on Sunday 29 May and from 2pm on Saturday 4 June. I hope you see you there!