SHAF Arts Trail: 14-29 October

The SHAF Arts Trail starts next Saturday. Two weeks of open-house …

On the opening day – Saturday 14 October – the 10 artists in the Salcombe/Soar area, invite you – the public – to come along and enjoy our art, and a warm welcome … including light refreshments.

Anytime – 10am until 5pm.

SHAF Arts Trail, open-house, Private party, Beacon House, evening,

Private party on 14 October

At Beacon House, we are also having a private by-invitation party that evening.

Partly, we are continuing the Opening Day celebration but also we feel the need to mark the completion of works to our home which includes a platform lift, making our location wheelchair freindly.

If you haven’t received an invitation, and would like to come along in the evening, please contact me!


Where are the Salcombe/Soar artists?



Visit the SHAF website for more details.