SOLD! Low Tide at East Portlemouth

It’s a pleasure to make a sale when stewarding, made even more rewarding when it’s one of your own paintings.

Yesterday, one visitor to Salcombe Art Club – a regular visitor to Salcombe – bought two paintings, one in the morning and one on my watch in the afternoon. She was seeking gifts for her family and solved her challenge by selecting paintings which reminded her of her happy times in our town.


What inspired me to paint Low Tide at East Portlemouth?

Until recently, Anne and I lived in a flat, my ‘holiday flat’ in Great Gates, and our view was across the estuary to the East Portlemouth side. With each new day, we’d take our morning coffee on the balcony, drinking in this wondrous sight.

In those days, it was so hard to drag myself off to the studio, a back room with no view at all, to get on with the latest project. In my new studio, I have a stunning view, which can be somewhat distracting … I am sure both situations evoke no sympathy in you, my reader!


And now?

Now, having sold this painting, I’ll be deciding which of my current stock of paintings to take down with me today to fill that gap. Watch this space!