On display today: Salcombe Dawn II

Having sold a painting yesterday, the challenge is to choose which should take its place in my one-man exhibition in the Little Studio of the Loft Gallery in Salcombe.

Decision made! Salcombe Dawn II.

This view of Salcombe was captured very early one morning.  I’d invested in a photography course with Bang Wallop, and a small group of us drove up to Snapes in the early hours so we’d be in position as the dawn broke. I’d never before sat in the dark, with a group of strangers, cameras ready, waiting for the sun to appear on the horizon. It was a magical experience, and provided a series of wonderful photographs.

106 Salcombe Dawn I72dpiRESIZEDSquareSoon after, I painted Salcombe Dawn I, an oil, 12 inches by 16 inches, with purple hues. This sold almost immediately but there is a fine art greetings card of this image, and it’s very popular.

I then painted two more versions, a watercolour and another oil, both much larger: 16 inches by 20 inches.

Each one has the same topography – that iconic view of Salcombe town with Bolt Head behind – but I experimented with different tones and colours.

In the oil (featured far above), the sun has still to appear and the pink hues dominate.

The watercolour, Salcombe Dawn III, (below) is cool and calm – daylight has arrived.
108 Salcombe Dawn III72dpiResized

Where can you see my paintings?

Salcombe Dawn II will be on display in the Little Studio as part of my one-man exhibition which finishes this Saturday, 18 June.

I’ll be stewarding on Saturday afternoon (2-5pm). Why not pop in and say hello?


Nearly all of the images on sale in my one-man exhibition are also available as fine art greetings cards. Only a short distance from the Loft Gallery, you have the choice of buying these ‘man cards’ at Bonningtons, the newsagents, or at Salcombe Information Centre.

SOLD! Low Tide at East Portlemouth

It’s a pleasure to make a sale when stewarding, made even more rewarding when it’s one of your own paintings.

Yesterday, one visitor to Salcombe Art Club – a regular visitor to Salcombe – bought two paintings, one in the morning and one on my watch in the afternoon. She was seeking gifts for her family and solved her challenge by selecting paintings which reminded her of her happy times in our town.


What inspired me to paint Low Tide at East Portlemouth?

Until recently, Anne and I lived in a flat, my ‘holiday flat’ in Great Gates, and our view was across the estuary to the East Portlemouth side. With each new day, we’d take our morning coffee on the balcony, drinking in this wondrous sight.

In those days, it was so hard to drag myself off to the studio, a back room with no view at all, to get on with the latest project. In my new studio, I have a stunning view, which can be somewhat distracting … I am sure both situations evoke no sympathy in you, my reader!


And now?

Now, having sold this painting, I’ll be deciding which of my current stock of paintings to take down with me today to fill that gap. Watch this space!