Nick Cotter's digisurrealism

Contemporary Passions Preview: Nick Cotter’s digisurrealism

Nick CotterNick Cotter has coined the term digisurrealism to describe the dreamlike qualities and the inclusion of the unexpected in his work.

Nick and I are both showing at the annual Contemporary Passions exhibition, an opportunity for members of SHAF (South Hams Art Forum) to stage a major summer show of new works in a wide range of mediums and styles.

The exhibition provides a snapshot of the artists’ current work, interests and creative passions.

The featured image above is one of several images that Nick will have on show. It’s called ‘Salcombe Boatyard Dreams – If a building could dream’.


Nick Cotter’s digisurrealism
Dreaming of Seasons

Dreaming of Seasons

Nick says: I am interested in how our mental filters, both conscious and unconscious, influence our perceptions of ‘reality’. What any of us see and feel from a view in the landscape, a journey, or past events, is processed by these filters, of which we are often unaware.

I am inspired by the dream-like scenes that are typical of the surrealist movement.

‘Dreaming of Seasons’ was inspired by four weeks in isolation in hospital, which made the memories of the seasons past and the desires of the seasons Nick was hoping to experience, all too vivid.


How does Nick create his digital images?

Nick’s digital images are built up and layered in a process that is similar to painting on a canvas, using elements from his photographic images as his palette.

Weathered Wood

Weathered Wood

His limited edition digital prints are archival quality, professionally printed on canvas.

Regarding ‘Weathered Wood’, Nick says: The grain of a weathered piece of wood helps to define a landscape into which it will return to nurture the new woodlands.

In ‘Warm Sky Cold Ground’ (below), the simplification and unnatural colours serve to highlight the complex reality of what is a tree

In ‘Burgh Island SUPing’ (far below), Nick asks: What if one of the most sublime local scenes was corrupted by man’s environmental destruction?

You can see more of his work on Nick’s website.


Nick Cotter's Warm Sky Cold Ground

Warm Sky Cold Ground

The Contemporary Passions exhibition will be at Harbour House, The Promenade, Kingsbridge, Devon, TQ7 1JD.

It’s open daily 10 am – 5 pm (closing at 4 pm on the last day): Tuesday 6 June until Sunday 18 June 2017



There will be an opportunity to meet all the artists on Tuesday 6 June, 6-8 pm.

You might also call in when Nick or I are stewarding.

Nick will be stewarding all day on Thursday 8 June. I will be stewarding all day on Saturday 10 June and on the morning of Saturday 17 June.


Burgh Island SUPing

Burgh Island SUPing


Admission is free!