SOLD! Baltic Exchange III Standing By at Island Terrace

Baltic Exchange III Standing By at Island Terrace – the featured image above – was one of several paintings I produced in 2010 as part of my one-man exhibition in support of the Salcombe Life Boat. Since then, it’s appeared in several exhibitions and, at last – on display at Avon Mill – it has sold, and is now on its way to Australia.

Six years ago, I was living in a flat at Great Gates – above what was then the Marine Hotel and is now The Harbour Hotel – and, each time I heard the lifeboat go by, I’d rush out onto my balcony and take photos. So, I had plenty of resource material.

This painting of Baltic Exchange II was donated to the Salcombe RNLI and raffled at an event held in The Fortescue Inn.028-baltic-exchange-2-72dpi

Salcombe Heroes was bought by the mother of one of our lifeboat crew.025-salcombe-heroes-72dpi

Return to Base is one of the few original painting not for sale. It hangs in my own gallery at home. This is because I donated the image to the Salcombe Lifeboat and, by donation, you can obtain it as a fine art greetings card in the Salcombe RNLI shop.052-return-to-base-72dpi

The original of Baltic Exchange III was sold to a Japanese visitor to Salcombe’s Summer Exhibition in 2010. 033 BALTIC EXCHANGE 372dpiRESIZEDSquare

I’ve now moved house and rarely see the lifeboat unless I am taking in the view from the terrace of Salcombe Yacht Club, or by leaning out of the window of Salcombe Art Club. It’s on my list of images to revisit soon.



Baltic Exchange III is also available as a fine art greetings card. As one of my best sellers, it’s on sale just about everywhere: Salcombe Yacht Club, Salcombe Information Centre, Bonningtons (the Salcombe newsagents) and at Malborough Post Office.

Just think: for less than 1% of the sales price of an original painting, you can invest in a fine art greetings card. Send it to a friend or frame it for yourself. Whistlefish sell frames that fit … about £10 each.