One-man show in the Little Studio

My one-man show in the Little Studio, at the Loft Gallery Salcombe, starts next Sunday 29 May and runs until Saturday 4 June.

I am displaying a dozen paintings: four each of my watercolours, my acrylics and my oil paintings.

My oil paintings on display will be Dappled Light III, Harvest Reaper II, Harvest Reaper III, and Sunlight Across the Bar.

102 Dappled light III72dpiResizedSquare

109 Harvest Reaper II72dpiRESIZEDSquare 112 Harvest Reaper III72dpiRESIZEDSquare110 Sunlight Across the Bar72dpiRESIZEDSquare





The watercolours are: Ebb Tide at Batson Creek,  Hope Cove Fishing Gear, Low Tide at East Portlemouth, and Reflections at Batson.

094 Ebb tide at Batson72dpiResizedSquare

087 Hope Cove Fishing Gear72dpiResizedSquare

089 Low tide at East Portlemouth 72dpiSQUARE

096 Reflections at Batson72dpiRESIZEDSquare






And the acrylic paintings are Dawn at South Pool CreekPaddling at Burgh IslandShifting Sands at Burgh Island I, and  The Church at St Peter, Buckland Tout Saints.

113 Dawn at South Pool Creek72dpiRESIZEDSquare 114 Paddling at Burgh Island72dpiRESIZEDSquare

120 Shifting Sands at Burgh Island I72dpiRESIZEDSQUARE

059 Church of St Peter72dpiRsizedSquare






Where is the Loft Gallery?

The Loft Gallery is situated behind the Fortescue Inn, and above a popular shoe shop, on a delightful footpath called Victoria Quay, which overlooks one of the best views in the UK including the mooring berth of the RNLI lifeboat Baltic Exchange III.


When will I be there to greet you?

I will be stewarding at the Loft Gallery all day on Sunday 29 May and from 2pm on Saturday 4 June. I hope you see you there!


Can’t afford to buy my paintings!

Nearly all of the images on sale in my one-man exhibition are also available as fine art greetings cards. Only a short distance from the Loft Gallery, you have the choice of buying these ‘man cards’ at Bonningtons, the newsagents, or at Salcombe Information Centre.