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Anna Ventura at the Tidal Gallery, one month on

The Tidal Gallery preview evening on Friday 22 June 2018 was so well attended it was hard to take in all the wonderful material gallery owner, Anna Ventura, had assembled.

Anna Ventura Tidal GalleryIn the days that followed, though, it was great to pop back and study the impressive range of artists’ work on display.

It is a beautiful space, full of beautiful art!

And a long list of featured artists:

  • Leanne Ball
  • Susan Brown
  • Ani Buckland
  • Simon Dobbs
  • Graham Fish
  • Penny Hardy
  • Steve Kenna
  • Shirley Kirkcaldy
  • Louella Moore
  • Steve Robinson
  • Susan Steele
  • Vera Stride
  • Mark Weston Lewis


More about gallery owner, Anna Ventura

Anna VenturaAnna Ventura originates from Barcelona but her love for Devon brought her to Kingsbridge over a decade ago. She studied Fine Arts at the University of Barcelona where she also specialised in graphic design.

Anna then carried out her final project in Illustration at The University of Plymouth.

She has exhibited in the Devon scene since 2013, with works in several galleries and now works from her studio at the Tidal Gallery where she produces exclusive work in a variety of media.


More about Anna’s artwork

Inspired by the Devon landscape, fauna and flora, Anna has applied her artistic flare to ink work, charcoal, acrylic and oil.

Her subjects are often of the flying variety – the birds and the bees – demonstrating her fine pen work and attention to detail.

Anna Ventura


Anna also produces landscapes of local scenes: Dartmouth,  Kingsbridge, Totnes, Torcross, …

Here is Inner Hope and Outer Hope, Hope Cove. Anna puts an interesting slant on these well-known vistas!

Anna Ventura



The new Tidal Gallery is situated at 1 Victoria Place, The Promenade, Kingsbridge, Devon.
Its central location, the bottom floor of a Victorian building, near the Kingsbridge town square and in the Estuary Promenade, makes the visit most inviting, with great views over the water.



Closed Mondays

Tuesday to Saturday: 10am to 5pm

During August, as part of the Kingsbridge Traders’ Open Sunday initiative, open on Sunday: 11am – 3pm

More information – and an online catalogue – can be found online at the Tidal Gallery website: www.tidalgallery.co.uk.

DartLife invite

Chris Pring – ceramic artist at DartLife exhibition

Chris Pring, potter

I had the pleasure of meeting Chris Pring on Monday 13 March – a week ago today.

Anne and I attended a private preview of the DartLife exhibition at the Ariel Centre in Totnes. The work of Chris Pring was on show together with that of many other artists.

  • Rosemary Bonney (landscape painter, mixed media)
  • Amanda Cardrick (painter, acrylic, mixed media)
  • Ann Chester King (landscape painter, mixed media)
  • Sue Farrow-Jones (printmaker, screen printer, watercolourist)
  • Breda Holden (landscape painter, watercolour and mixed media)
  • Val Uglow (mixed media artist)
  • Ann Yeoman (landscape and botanical water-colourist)
Chris Pring – ceramic artist

Chris  makes functional domestic stoneware and delicate porcelain pieces for the home as well as Goldsworthy-inspired garden sculptures in stoneware and terracotta, and you can see examples of his work on his website http://www.kellatonpottery.co.uk/

Pring potAt the exhibition, one piece caught our eye and was purchased as a gift from me to my wife on the occasion of our recent wedding anniversary.

The ticket reads:

Skeletal gnarled oak
Roots carressed by clear waters
Giving and Taking

I won’t reveal the price!

When we move back into our refurbished home shortly, this vase will take pride of place on the window sill in Anne’s office. According to Anne – she hadn’t seen the ticket and was simply drawn by the image – to her, it spoke of the individual being the tree, drawing strength from the ground and giving / sharing the gifts or talents that we each have. To the outside observer, the beauty of this giving and taking is not always recognised – they only see a gnarled tree. Their loss …

DartLife invite

You still have time to visit the exhibition

This exhibition is on now until 30 March 2017. Entitled ‘DartLife’, it explores the River Dart, which runs as a thread through the work of all the artists, uniting them in a common theme. Don’t miss this one.

If you are a local artist and would like to feature on my blog, let me know when/where you will be exhibiting. Invite me to the private preview! And I’ll spread the word about you and your art. Click here for my contact page.