079 At Ditch End

Exhibition time: At the Redfern centre – 29 June – 27 July

Members of Salcombe Art Club support the Friends of the Redfern by providing a display of artwork for sale in the waiting area.

If you purchase one, a proportion of the sale is donated to this worthwhile local charity.



This is my seventh exhibition at the Redfern Centre. I have on display five paintings: four acrylics and one watercolour (in the centre).

Redfern 2017

They are (clockwise from top left): Scoble PointReflections at BatsonWatchhouse to Ferry StepsEvening Row and At Ditch End (the featured image above).

All these original paintings are competitively priced at £200 for the larger ones (which are all behind glass) and £150 for the two smaller paintings.

Click on the underlined links for more information about each painting.



For about 1% of the sales price of an original painting, you could invest in a fine art greetings card.

Send it to a friend or frame it for yourself. Whistlefish sell frames that fit … about £10 each.

Of the paintings in this exhibition, only Watchhouse to Ferry Steps and Reflections at Batson is available as a fine art greetings card. They are stocked at Malborough Post Office along with the entire range of 59 cards.

Sale time! Save £50 on any painting

It’s sale time! For the month of November: £50 off any painting – that’s a third off those currently priced at £150.


Why have a sale?

Work is due to start soon to provide wheelchair access to Beacon House, so all my artwork will be taken down and packaged for the duration of the works.


When are we re-opening?

We hope the refurbishment will be complete in time for re-opening at Easter 2017.

Meanwhile, if you would like to buy a painting at a reduced price, contact me here.

A 50% deposit will secure any painting.


Example prices: £150 £100 each
017 Watchhouse to Ferry Steps72dpiResizedSquare

Watchhouse to Ferry Steps

026 Snapes Manor72dpiResizedSQUARE

Snapes Manor







Example prices: £200 £150 each
045 Slapton Ley72dpiResizedSquare

Slapton Ley

047 Batson72dpiSQ








Example prices: £250 £200 each
083 Storm at Start Bay72dpiSQ

Storm at Start Bay

High and Dry in the Creek

High and Dry in the Creek







Example prices: £300 £250 each
Batson Creek

Ebb Tide at Batson Creek

Torcross Sunrise

Torcross Sunrise







Example prices: £350 £300 each
Dappled Light III

Dappled Light III

Harvest Reaper II

Harvest Reaper II