Contemporary Passions: Jane Mahood

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Jane Mahood is one of the nine SHAF artists whose work will be on show at Harbour House for the Contemporary Passions exhibition.

  • Teresa Barlow
  • Nick Cotter
  • Jane Davarian
  • Crystel Dauth
  • Brett Hornby
  • Cherry Lyons
  • Jane Mahood
  • Elaine Sibley
  • myself, Stephen Thomas

In this series of blogs, some of them share their process. You can read about Elaine Sibley here and Cherry Lyons here and me here.


My aim is to create mosaic art from waste and friends have taken to calling in on me en route to the tip and leaving me their chipped or broken china.

Jane Mahood's stock cupboard
Jane Mahood’s stock cupboard

I now have quite of stock of gifted materials that would otherwise have ended up in the landfill!

Also, my son and his family help me to collect bits of broken china from the mud of Kingsbridge estuary. I have no idea how it got there but some of it is very old.

Jane Mahood's treasure from the beach
Treasure from the shore

This stock is supplemented with glass tesserae, mass-produced for mosaic work.

I use nippers to make the pieces of china a suitable shape, and then glue it and grout it.

Jane Mahood's work bench
Work in progress!

I never quite know how things are going to turn out, but it’s a new lease of life for the broken ceramics which would otherwise have gone to the tip or remained buried in the mud.

Terracotta Nova
Terracotta Nova

Here are two other pieces that Jane has produced for the Contemporary Passions exhibition on the theme of Elements.

Mosaic bricks
Turning bricks into art
Jane Mahood's mosaic table
Table top mosaic


Jane is a member of SHAF (South Hams Art Forum) and she is featured on the SHAF website.

Because her designs are driven by the material that she has to hand, and she finds it impossible to guess what people are going to like, Jane has not undertaken any commissions.

However, Jane has ‘revitalised’ some much-loved pieces of China that have been accidentally broken, reconstructing them into a new and usable form. Jane also produces a lot of birthday and Christmas presents for friends and family, and – she says – her house looks like a mosaics shop!

You can contact Jane by email at .


As ever, we are at Harbour House, Kingsbridge TQ7 1JD.

And the exhibition runs from Tuesday 16 July until Sunday 28 July.



Come along to meet the artists and see their interpretation of our theme: Elements.

All are welcome and refreshments will be provided

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