Sketchbook Notes: Salcombe Yacht Club’s Christmas Camellias

Salcombe Yacht Club’s Christmas Camellias are to be found alongside the steep path that runs from the gate at the side of the yacht club gardens up to Devon Road. This view of the bell tower and out to sea can best be seen by very tall people standing by the bench, just below the archway.

Anne’s been nagging me to paint an image for a Christmas card for ages. At last, we have one!


AFFORDABLE ART – an excellent Christmas gift!

59 of my 135 original paintings are available as fine art greetings cards.

Just think: for less than 1% of the sales price of an original, you can invest in a fine art greetings card. Send it to a friend or frame it for yourself. Whistlefish sell frames that fit … about £10 each.


malmessenger-advert-2016-17FINE ART GREETING CARDS: STOCKISTS

Malborough Post Office stocks all 59 designs, and selections of my cards are also available at Bonningtons (the newsagents in Salcombe), Salcombe Information Centre, Salcombe Yacht Club, The Gallery Project at Avon Mill and at Noss Mayo, and in Bloomers (the florist in Kingsbridge).

If you would like to stock my cards, please click here to contact me.

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