Dawn at South Pool Creek

SOLD! Dawn at South Pool Creek

Dawn at South Pool Creek is an acrylic painting of the early morning view from my studio in Beacon House.

The tall ship is a sail trainer which I believe is called Leader. It is often moored at ‘Crossways’ in the Salcombe Estuary.


Sold! To visitors to Salcombe

Dawn at South Pool Creek was sold recently to visitors from Switzerland and, I’m told, it will grace the walls of their holiday home in the south of France – or maybe cover up a damp patch!


My art: Far from home?

Without giving away the precise location of the new home for Dawn at South Pool Creek, I can reveal it is 945 miles away from Beacon House. By ferry and car, it would take about 20 hours to reach the destination.

I wonder which of my paintings is on display the furthest from Salcombe. If you own one, and it’s more than 945 miles away, let’s put it on the map.


A 50% deposit secures any painting

If you see a painting on my website that you like, but want to see it ‘in the flesh’ before committing yourself to buying it, that’s not a problem. A refundable 50% deposit secures a painting until you are able to visit Salcombe to see it for yourself.



It’s sale time! For the month of November: £50 off any painting – that’s a third off those currently priced at £150.



Work is due to start soon to provide wheelchair access to Beacon House, so all my artwork will be taken down and packaged for the duration of the works.



We hope the refurbishment will be complete in time for re-opening at Easter 2017.

Meanwhile, if you would like to buy a painting at a reduced price, contact me here.

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