The South Sands Ferry: The Harvest Reaper

To travel in a boat is a must for every visitor to Salcombe, especially the very young, and what better way to travel but on the Harvest Reaper?

The Fisher Price colours of yellow and blue make the South Sands Ferry look as if it’s popped out of a child’s toy box.

The journey from Salcombe to South Sands on the Harvest Reaper takes only 15 minutes, and then it’s the turn of the tractor to ferry the passengers ashore.

On the return journey, the prospect of driving back into the sea to await the incoming ferry, can worry some youngsters. However, any apprehension is easily forgotten with the promise of an ice cream at the end of the journey. Salcombe ice-cream is the finest!

The views each way are spectacular, along the beaches of the ria and out to sea. On a Saturday afternoon, the passengers can also take a close look at the dinghy sailors racing past.

I have painted the Harvest Reaper many times. The original of Harvest Reaper Beyond Fort Charles was sold when on exhibition at the Redfern Centre, but it’s still available as a fine art greetings card.

112 Harvest Reaper III72dpiRESIZED

Harvest Reaper II (the featured image above) and this rear view in Harvest Reaper III will be on display at my one-man show at the Little Studio in the Loft Gallery.

Harvest Reaper II is a watercolour, and Harvest Reaper III is an oil painting. Both are available as fine art greetings cards.


When is the one-man show?

My week at the Little Studio in the Loft Gallery runs until Saturday 4 June. The Loft Gallery, the home of Salcombe Art Club, is open from 11am until 5pm each day.


Where is the Loft Gallery?

The Loft Gallery is situated behind the Fortescue Inn, and above a popular shoe shop, on a delightful footpath called Victoria Quay, which overlooks one of the best views in the UK including the mooring berth of the RNLI lifeboat Baltic Exchange III.


When will I be there to greet you?

I will be stewarding at the Loft Gallery from 2pm on Saturday 4 June. I hope you see you there!

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