Supporting Salcombe Town Regatta Day 2

Town Regatta Island Street 2017 Yesterday, to support Salcombe Town Regatta, Anne and I set up shop (in a gazebo!) in Island Street.

It was quite windy. So, part of our time was spent hanging on to ropes tied to the frame, trying to stop the whole contraption taking off.

Today, we are in Whitestrand, selling my fine art greetings cards, once again in support of Salcombe town Regatta. And we are praying that the clouds currently in the sky don’t decide to turn into rain.

There will all 59 designs on sale, selected from the 135 original paintings I’ve completed in the past decade. Nearly all of them show local scenes that I love.


Why am I supporting Salcombe Town Regatta?

I’ve been visiting Salcombe since I was 9. My parent brought me across from EastPortlemouth and I immediately loved Salcombe as a holiday venue.

For decades I visited Salcombe, staying in rented accommodation and hotels and I dreamt of retiring in Salcombe. Eventually, I became a second-home owner, buying a lock and go flat at Great Gates, in 1997. Then, in 2006, I moved to Salcombe permanently. The flat proved too small as a permanent residence and Anne and I now live in our forever home at the top of Bonfire Hill, looking down over the church and across the ria to the hills beyond.

So, why am I supporting Salcombe Town Regatta? Because Salcombe is now my home …


What is Salcombe Regatta?

Salcombe Town Regatta is an annual fund-raising event and many local charities rely on the success of this week-long fun-filled entertainment to refill the coffers.

It’s timed to coincide with one of the busiest periods in the town. Almost all the holiday homes will be occupied and local campsites too. It’s also the time when residents find friends and family want to visit us.

There’s a packed programme of events for all ages. We look forward especially to the firework display on Thursday 10 August, when we’ll be dining in the Chart room of the Salcombe Yacht Club, among friends from the Salcombe Players Amateur Dramatic group, and marvelling at the sky, full of lights as in the featured image above.


Affordable art in support of Salcombe Town Regatta

All of these images – and many many more depicting your favourite views of Salcombe – are available as fine art greetings cards. They will be on sale – £2 each, 3 for a fiver – in support of Salcombe Town Regatta today.

I look forward to meeting you at Salcombe Town Regatta, and am praying for fine weather!

For more information about the Salcombe Town Regatta, visit their Facebook page.

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